"Beyond Greatness" is the theme of the 2024 Environmental Engineering Study Program's EnviroGames

The Environmental Engineering Study Program, Faculty of Engineering, Udayana University is again holding EnviroGames 2024, an exciting and inspiring annual event. With the theme "Beyond Greatness," this event is not just an ordinary competition, but a stage for students to explore their best abilities.

The official opening of EnviroGames 2024 was held on Friday, May 3 2024, at the DM Hall Building, Civil Engineering Campus, Jimbaran, and will continue for the next six days. The participants, who are students from various Environmental Engineering majors, are preparing to show their skills in various sports and other competitions.

The theme "Beyond Greatness" was chosen deliberately to inspire participants to go beyond existing limits and pursue greater excellence. This event also aims to encourage the growth of soft skills, foster a sense of brotherhood, and develop a spirit of sportsmanship among Environmental Engineering students.

Ida Ayu Rai Widhiawati, ST, MT, Head of the Environmental Engineering Study Program, stated, "EnviroGames is not only about winning competitions, but also about broadening horizons, honing skills, and inspiring each other. We hope this event will be a means for our students to grow and develop, and build a strong network between them."

This event features various sports competitions such as football, volleyball, badminton and table tennis, as well as arts and cultural events such as traditional dance competitions and musical performances. Apart from that, there is also a competition in the form of an exhibition of innovative projects related to the environment, which highlights students' dedication in facing future challenges.