Engineering Doctoral Study Program Holds 63rd Doctoral Promotion


I Made Dwipa Arta succeeded in winning a doctorate at the 63rd doctoral promotion open session at the Faculty of Engineering. The session which took place in the Wiswakarma Hall, Faculty of Engineering, Udayana University, Sudirman campus, on January 29 2024, witnessed the brilliant achievements of I Made Dwipa Arta in the academic world.

I Made Dwipa Arta succeeded in obtaining a doctorate with an innovative and very relevant dissertation, entitled "Model for Implementing Building Approvals in Ravine Border Areas in Gianyar Regency". This dissertation not only reflects I Made Dwipa Arta's dedication and perseverance in research, but also makes a significant contribution in the field of building construction in critical areas such as cliff borders.

In his dissertation, I Made Dwipa Arta presents a comprehensive and applicable model for the building approval process in ravine border areas, especially in Gianyar Regency. This model not only considers the technical and safety aspects of the building, but also takes into account environmental sustainability and optimal use of space.

"I am very grateful and proud of this achievement. My dissertation is not just academic work, but is also a real effort to provide solutions to overcome concrete problems that exist in society, especially related to building construction in vulnerable areas such as ravine border areas," said I Made Dwipa Arta with great gratitude.

At the open session for the doctoral promotion, I Made Dwipa Arta succeeded in convincing the examiners with an in-depth and detailed explanation of his research methodology, findings and implications of his dissertation. Extraordinary presentation skills and a deep understanding of his research topic make I Made Dwipa Arta worthy of obtaining a doctorate with a satisfactory distinction.