Mechanical Engineering Training 2024: Udayana University Mechanical Engineering Student Association Focuses on Occupational Safety and Health

The Mechanical Engineering Study Program Student Association, Faculty of Engineering, Udayana University held mechanical engineering training with the theme "Occupational Safety and Health" on Saturday, May 11 2024. This activity took place in the Wiswakarma Hall, Faculty of Engineering, Denpasar Campus, and was attended by various important parties from the Faculty environment.

This event opened with remarks from the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Udayana University, who emphasized the importance of occupational safety and health in the mechanical engineering industry. He appreciated the initiative of the Mechanical Engineering Student Association which continues to strive to increase student competence and awareness of occupational safety and health issues.

The Mechanical Engineering Student Affairs Advisor was also present and provided motivation to the participants. In his speech, he said that this training was a strategic step to prepare students to face challenges in the engineering industry which is increasingly complex and full of risks.

This activity was also attended by a number of invitees, including Mechanical Engineering lecturers and representatives from other student organizations. They showed full support for the event which aims to equip students with practical and theoretical knowledge related to occupational safety and health.

In this training, participants received material from several speakers who are experienced in the field of work safety. They cover various important aspects such as hazard identification, risk assessment, and implementing effective safety procedures in the workplace. Apart from that, participants are also invited to carry out simulations and direct practice to better understand the implementation of work safety in real life.

The participants' enthusiasm was clearly visible throughout the activity. Many of them actively asked questions and discussed with the speakers, showing great interest in increasing their understanding of occupational safety and health.

By the end of this training, it is hoped that Udayana University Mechanical Engineering students will be more prepared and aware of the importance of occupational safety and health. This step is expected to not only improve the quality of human resources in the mechanical engineering field, but also foster a safe and healthy work culture in the future.