AUN-QA Preparatory Meeting, Faculty of Engineering, Udayana University  

The Faculty of Engineering organized a technical preparation meeting for the AUN-QA of Mechanical Engineering on Monday 26 April, 2021. Located in Ruang Sidang 1, 3rd Floor Dean Building, Faculty of Engineering, Jimbaran, this meeting was attended by the Dean leadersof faculty also the chair and all AUN-QA Compilation Team of Mechanical Engineering. Mr. Ainul Ghurri as the Chair of AUN-QA Compilation Team for Mechanical Engineering conveyed in detail about the technical implementation of AUN-QA which will be stream via Zoom application on May 31th, 2021.

In this meeting, the relevant parties are advised to prepare the equipment and supplies need, as well as the data that may be discussed in the AUN-QA event. AUN-QA or Asean University Network-Quality Assurance is a certification activity by AUN in ensuring the quality of program studies. AUN is an organization that engaged in the strengthening of higher education cooperation in ASEAN countries. So, the program study that has been AUN certified will become the favorite in the ASEAN level.