Discussion on Participation Credit Units for Engineering Faculty Student, Udayana University  

Referring to the Regulation Rector of Udayana University Number 9 2017 concerning in Guidelines about Participation Credit Units, Thursday 18th March, 2021 the Faculty of Engineering with Senate Engineering Faculty of Udayana University arranged a meeting to discuss guidelines of Participation Credit Units (SKP) for students in the Faculty of Engineering. Located in Ruang Sidang II, 3rd Floor, Dean Building, Faculty of Engineering, Udayana University, Jimbaran. This meeting was attended by all leaders in faculty, lectures for student affairs, and chaired by the Deputy Dean for Student Affairs Mr. Ir. I Nyoman Budiastra, M.Erg. In this discussion, the SKP guideline draft that has been made was submitted, so could be corrected and further discussed later. This meeting was important because giving SKP to students was an appreciation form to student for their participation both in academic and non-academic activities.