Monitoring the Implementation of PPK Ormawa Machinery, the Monitoring and Evaluation Team from the Faculty of Engineering, Udayana University Visits Gunaksa Village


Friday, September 15 2023, Gunaksa Village Perbekel Iwayan Sarfiana SH, together with Digital cadre Wayan Sudarta accompanied the Udayana University PPK-Ormawa monitoring team. The monitoring and evaluation team present were from the Faculty of Engineering and the Mechanical Engineering and Information Technology Study Program at Udayana University, Mr. I Gusti Ketut Sukadana ST., MT., Mr. Dr. I Putu Lokantara and Dr. A.A.I.A. Sri Komaladewi, ST., MT., as well as 4 people from the student affairs staff of the Faculty of Engineering, Udayana University. The monitoring and evaluation team carried out monitoring regarding the implementation of the PPK Ormawa of the Udayana University Engineering Student Association. Pemonev also clarified the achievements of the activities that have been carried out by PPK Ormawa students to date.

Apart from the M&E committee, there was also a supervisor and Chair of the Udayana University Engineering Student Association who accompanied the M&E process in PPK Ormawa student activities. The output target was also stated by the end of September to be completed. The Ormawa PPK Team was accompanied by Supervisor Dr. Ir. Wayan Nata Septiadi, ST., MT explained the activities that had been carried out as well as the outcomes that had been achieved and the targets that had been achieved.

Mr. Perbekel and digital cadres also said that the PPK Team had already begun discussions and coordination to finalize the application designed to support the digitization of Gunaksa Village services. The youth cadre plans and training activities in the community will also be coordinated by Mr. Perbekel. At the end of the monev activity, we also had the opportunity to meet with the Head of Social Services who also had time to ask questions and chat regarding the activities of the Ormawa PPK Team.