The KSR Teknik Udayana Team Achieves Brilliant Achievements in the ELCCO Line Follower Competition

The team from KSR (Robotics Study Group) Udayana Engineering has once again made brilliant achievements in the technology competition arena. This time, they managed to win 1st place and 2nd place in the ELCCO Line Follower Competition (Electrical and Computer Competition) organized by the Electrical Student Association, Faculty of Engineering, Udayana University.

This prestigious event took place at the Nusantara Hall, Sudirman Campus, Udayana University on April 27-28 2024. Participants from various institutions and study programs fought fiercely to win the title, but the team from KSR Teknik Udayana managed to stand out and dominate the competition.


The KSR Teknik Udayana team that won 1st place consisted of I Komang Alit Astawa, Putu Ananta Sastra Wijaya, and I Made Aditya Wirawan. Meanwhile, the team that won 2nd place consisted of I Wayan Raditha Cahyadinata, Ida Ayu Made Dwitya Widiani Manuaba, and I Putu Raditya Perdana Putra.

This victory cannot be separated from the dedication, hard work and extraordinary technical expertise of the team members. Apart from that, support and guidance from the supervisor is also the key to success. The supervisor involved in coaching this team is Ir. I Wayan Arta Wijaya, M.Erg, M.T; Ir. I Gusti Ngurah Janardana, M.Erg; Ir. Cokorde Gede Indra Partha, M.Erg., M.T., IPU., ASEAN Eng.; and Dr. Ir. Ida Bagus Alit Swamardika, M.Erg., IPM., ASEAN Eng.

"We are very proud of the brilliant achievements achieved by the KSR Teknik Udayana team. They have shown extraordinary commitment, tenacity and expertise in facing this competition. Hopefully this achievement will be an inspiration for other students to continue to strive and develop their potential in the field of technology ," said Ir. I Wayan Arta Wijaya, M.Erg, M.T, one of the supervisors.

This success is not only a matter of pride for the Udayana Engineering KSR Team, but also strengthens the reputation of the Faculty of Engineering, Udayana University in the national competition arena. Hopefully this achievement will be the first step for a long journey towards even greater success in the future.